Khaled Attia

Oh, okay. my name is Khaled Attia I’m 23 years old Web Developer / Dev Ops from the lovely city of Alexandria, Egypt who has been in the field for 8 years and counting…

Joining a startup

In the first week of 2012, I joined a promising startup company called which had been around here in Alexandria for about 6 monthes, Over the next few months the company decided to relocate the business to the big city… Cairo. It was hard for me to move from the quiet and peaceful city to the hustle and bustle city.

But, I took the bold step and joined the adventure.


I have been in Cairo for over two years now, and to be honest I like it every day a bit more (as long as my apartment & my work around the corner). Yeah, It can be a bit hard at times, a bit dirty at times, but that’s the price to pay to live in the most vibrant city in Egypt.

You can find me

or just drop me a line at